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Maintenance and optimization services

We offer maintenance and support for both apps developed by us and apps created by third parties. Thanks to our maintenance service, which we detail below, we can see to their optimization and guarantee that they are always kept up to date.

- Updating of developed apps: We don't just create your app, we also take care of keeping it updated. Whether security updates, performance enhancements, or new feature integration is needed, we will handle it to ensure your application remains competitive and relevant in the market.
- Project verification and redesign: If you have an existing project that requires a second opinion or a design change, we can help. We conduct a thorough review of your app's structure, user interface, user experience and performance. Then, we make the necessary changes to improve its efficiency and appeal.
- New features or modification of existing ones: Your app must evolve with your users needs. We can help you integrate new features into your application or modify existing ones to improve user experience and meet their changing demands.
- Bug resolution: Our team of experts is in charge of detecting and resolving any issues or bugs that may arise in your application, ensuring it remains operating optimally and providing a smooth user experience.
- General technical support: We offer an efficient and reliable technical support service. Whether it's minor technical issues, inquiries or complex requirements, our team is ready to attend to your needs and resolve any problems that may arise.
- Implementation of improvements: We are always looking for ways to improve the apps we maintain. This could involve improving the loading speed, making the user interface more intuitive, enhancing security or any other aspect that could improve user experience and app efficiency.
- Commercial and marketing strategy audit and planning: In addition to technical aspects, we can also assist you in defining and executing effective business and marketing strategies for your app. This includes conducting audits to understand your target audience, analyzing the competition, and then developing and executing a marketing strategy that will enable you to reach your business goals.